Scrap Metal St. George

Looking for a St. George Scrap Metal service that comes to your and pays you CASH on site?

St George QLDAmalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal business that focuses on collecting and distributing collected scrap metals to other recycling companies.

We have dedicated ourself to help people with their metal recycling needs. Through our business of collecting and recycling scrap metal and electronics, we strive to promote environmental conservation and reduce landfill overflows.

So, in case you have any scrap metal which is not useful to you, don’t think of it as a waste as it can translate into a lot of money for you if you decide to sell it to us.

The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling is important because it has many benefits when compared to making metal from virgin ore.

Here at Amalgamated scrap metal, we have identified the benefits of scrap metal recycling to include environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse emissions, energy conservation as less energy is used when recycling metal than when making new metal from virgin ore.

There are also more economic benefits from recycling scrap metal and they include the creation of more jobs and more revenue collection.

Greenhouse emissions contribute to the negative effects of climate change and can also cause air pollution which could result in respiratory health problems among residents.

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), over 300 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are cut through the recycling of metal.

With energy conservation, copper is a good example because when it is recycled, up to 90% of energy could be saved. Economically, the United States generates an annual revenue of $236 billion from the recycling industry and also more than a million employees work in that industry.

A Friendly Family Owned Business

Amalgamated scrap metal is a family owned business which are friendly and reliable. The family members running the business are determined to ensure that the name of the company is respected by observing that certain values are upheld within the company.

We have very strict rules that our employees are expected to observe when they interact with our customers. This is to make sure that no employee from our company will show any sign of disrespect to our clients.

We believe that a friendly interaction with the customer is crucial for business growth. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff attends to the scrap metal recycling needs of every client that we are in contact with.

The experienced, reliable and friendly staff from Amalgamated scrap metal are mobile and they come with the necessary equipment and resources to collect the scrap metal from the client. This makes things quick and convenient for the customer selling the scrap metal to us.

The company believes and prides itself on values such as trustworthiness, friendliness, and reliability when dealing with customers and other partners in their scrap metal recycling business. This makes us one of the most respected and trusted scrap metal companies.