We are Scrap Metal Merchants for Gold Coast, QLD

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile licensed scrap metal merchant servicing your area of the Gold Coast and the surrounding suburbs. We travel to your residence and weigh and pay you on the spot for your scrap metal.

We are a family, friendly business that pride ourselves in the recycling industry always seeking to provide a superior service to Gold Coast businesses.

Gold-Coast-Scrap-Metal-MerchantsGold Coast Scrap Metals we pickup

We deal with ferrous and nonferrous metals. You need to distinguish between the metal categories to fetch the proper amounts from your scrap metal. A good way to identify the two is by use of a magnet.

Ferrous metals are attracted to metals while nonferrous ones do not attract magnets.


Copper is found in plumbing and refrigeration appliances such as air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerator.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is widely found in restaurants and the food sector. Health law demands that hotels use stainless steel because it cleans very well and is germ-free. The stainless steel is also in the healthcare industry. Take caution with stainless steel because some metals resemble stainless steel but lack sufficient amounts of nickel content to qualify them as stainless steel and a magnet attracts to them. WE DO NOT PURCHASE STEEL, aluminium, or car bodies/parts.


Brass is a standard component of plumbing fixtures that include faucets, drains, and various plumbing pipes. Other sources include valves and pumps.

Why Recycle Scrap Metal on the Gold Coast?

Eco-friendly and reduces emission

Metal recycling natural resources and eliminates the need to create physical scars on the earth that take very long to heal. The recycling process is much more efficient compared to mining and refining process.

Mining produces several pollutants that are hazardous to the environment. Such hazards include toxic runoffs, pollution to ground water, and destruction of habitats. It also interferes with the stability of geological systems.

The mining process requires enormous inputs of fossil fuel that in turn produce carbon dioxide that pollutes the air. Because it requires little energy input, recycling utilizes less fossil fuel and thus reduction in air pollution. Also, it does not contribute to groundwater contamination. Therefore, scrap water recycling is a contributing solution to the problem of global warming.

Waste reduction and space creation

Scrap metals business collects metals for recycling channelling them into recycling. This ensures they do not end up in landfills creating room for other non-recyclable waste matter. The majority of scrap metal waste is quite bulky and may require new space if left to accumulate.

The scrap metals dealers get rid of the unsightly waste, preventing junkyards from overflowing and create more room for other land use activities.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is committed and proud to be part of the waste reduction for the Gold Coast.

Economic benefits for the Gold Coast

The scrap metal business and recycling is labor intensive. It contributes to a country’s economy and creates jobs for many people.

Benefits both consumer and End-user

The cost of scrap metal is substantial and fluctuates depending on aspects of the market such as supply and demand.

This can be quite significant during tough times. Scrap metal is recycled to produce numerous products including phones, and other new products. The products are as good as those from non-recycled metal.

Whether you are concerned with environmental conservation or you wish to make some money, there is always a reason to recycle your metallic waste. At Amalgamated Scrap Metal dealers, we pride ourselves being the premium Gold Coast scrap metal buyers business that will meet all your needs. We encourage you to go green for cash.